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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Glazed Gourmet - Charleston, SC

For the past few years, cupcakes have been proliferating across the US, along with some excellent and creative flavors to go along with them. So what is the next big thing in the creative food trend? I say doughnuts! To start that trend at least here in the Carolinas, there is GLAZED gourmet doughnuts on King Street in Charleston.

Opened in 2011, GLAZED has made a name for itself with their unique creations, created fresh each morning. And when I say created, I'm not talking about just the dough. They make their jams, fillings and even the glaze for their amazing doughnuts.  The menu  is different each day and always changing in flavors. Lately, what I've been seeing in their lineup online is the word, "curry". Who would've thought, curry and doughnuts? The next time that I am in Charleston and curry is on the menu, I am definitely ordering one, or two.

I've been in three times and  have tried several of their doughnuts. First, the obligatory glazed doughnut, you can never go wrong with. I've also had the ever popular Maple Bacon. Bacon makes everything tastes better. I, like a kid, have ordered the Chocolate with Sprinkles to relive a childhood favorite of mine, though only better!

If you are in Charleston, I highly recommend stopping into GLAZED and treating yourself! Their menu is posted on Facebok and Twitter each morning, so you can plan accordingly. Many of you will be heading to Charleston to run the Cooper River Bridge Run on March 31st. After shedding some calories from the run, head on over to GLAZED for a much deserved, tasty treat!
Chocolate with Sprinkles

Maple Bacon, yum!

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