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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Mrs. SNarolina Foodie and I spent last weekend in Asheville, and truly had some amazing meals. I was sans camera for much of the time, however, Sunday morning with camera in tow, we tackled EARLY GIRL EATERY in D``owntown Asheville. I had heard about EARLY GIRL EATERY numerous times before and decided that this had to be one of our places to try.

I like a BBQ and I like a good breakfast. How could I not try the Porky Breakfast Bowl, which consisted of
Homefries, BBQ pork, scrambled eggs and farmstead cheese smothered in Benton’s smoky bacon gravy.  It was very good, might I add.

The EARLY GIRL has  a bohemian atmosphere to go along with it's gluten free and vegan options, hence it's in Asheville. Very friendly staff and they try to use mostly regional ingredients as well.

Other places that I would also recommend if you are spending a weekend in Asheville:

CURATE - a top notch and highly touted Spanish Tapas restaurant.

TUPELO HONEY CAFE - Another very popular Regionally focused restaurant. They have two locations in Asheville and are expanding regionally as well.

CORNER KITCHEN - Located in Bilmore Village. Always a 30-40 minute wait, but worth it.

Friday, October 5, 2012


This Blog has been on hiatus for some time. No promises of daily or even weekly updates, however, I need to get my act together. Over 5,500 views within the past year, and that is without really trying!

The latest posting comes from ESQUIRE and their annual list of Best New Restaurants. I am reposting this, because two Charleston area restaurants were listed. The highly regarded, "The Macintosh " in Charleston and the out of nowhere, "Carter's Kitchen" on I'on in Mt. Pleasant.

I've held out from eating at The Mac for some time. I guess I am due to be there soon.

I now have some work to do, on this Blog and to try these establishments!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Everyone knows of my love for HUSK and its founder Sean Brock. This week he was interviewed by Charlie Rose in New York. Great interview, about 16 minutes long. This is an inside look at the man and what inspired him to become one of the most talked about chefs in the country at one of the most talked about restaurants.

I never thought that I would see him in a suit. Enjoy!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

CURRY UP! - Doughnut that is.

During my last post, I talked about GLAZED Gourmet Doughnuts in Charleston, SC, and I mentioned my curiosity in trying their curry doughnut. Well, word got out and they asked when I would be in, as they would make sure to have them that day. Flash forward less than a week later, I was back in Charleston and stopped in, when they opened at 7AM and got the obligatory "Curry Up"!

With regards to curry, either you like it or you don't. And from those that like curry, even less of them would like to see curry in something sweet, much less in a doughnut. Well folks, I am here to tell you, try it! It is absolutely wonderful and definitely brings together your taste buds in the morning.

The Curry Up is made with a combination of chocolate, curry (of course) and topped with crystallized ginger. The combination of each of those ingredients, all unique on their own, makes for a wonderful marriage of flavor. Some of you are still afraid, with notions of that curry taste lingering in your mouth for the rest of your day. Rest assured, there is enough curry to taste, but certainly not overpowering enough for a lasting aftertaste.

I use SNarolina Foodie to promote food, places and people that are unique and work hard to create amazing food and drink. I want people to branch out of their comfort food zones and try things that they might not venture into. The Curry Up doughnut, my friends, is a good way to start.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Glazed Gourmet - Charleston, SC

For the past few years, cupcakes have been proliferating across the US, along with some excellent and creative flavors to go along with them. So what is the next big thing in the creative food trend? I say doughnuts! To start that trend at least here in the Carolinas, there is GLAZED gourmet doughnuts on King Street in Charleston.

Opened in 2011, GLAZED has made a name for itself with their unique creations, created fresh each morning. And when I say created, I'm not talking about just the dough. They make their jams, fillings and even the glaze for their amazing doughnuts.  The menu  is different each day and always changing in flavors. Lately, what I've been seeing in their lineup online is the word, "curry". Who would've thought, curry and doughnuts? The next time that I am in Charleston and curry is on the menu, I am definitely ordering one, or two.

I've been in three times and  have tried several of their doughnuts. First, the obligatory glazed doughnut, you can never go wrong with. I've also had the ever popular Maple Bacon. Bacon makes everything tastes better. I, like a kid, have ordered the Chocolate with Sprinkles to relive a childhood favorite of mine, though only better!

If you are in Charleston, I highly recommend stopping into GLAZED and treating yourself! Their menu is posted on Facebok and Twitter each morning, so you can plan accordingly. Many of you will be heading to Charleston to run the Cooper River Bridge Run on March 31st. After shedding some calories from the run, head on over to GLAZED for a much deserved, tasty treat!
Chocolate with Sprinkles

Maple Bacon, yum!