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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Mrs. SNarolina Foodie and I spent last weekend in Asheville, and truly had some amazing meals. I was sans camera for much of the time, however, Sunday morning with camera in tow, we tackled EARLY GIRL EATERY in D``owntown Asheville. I had heard about EARLY GIRL EATERY numerous times before and decided that this had to be one of our places to try.

I like a BBQ and I like a good breakfast. How could I not try the Porky Breakfast Bowl, which consisted of
Homefries, BBQ pork, scrambled eggs and farmstead cheese smothered in Benton’s smoky bacon gravy.  It was very good, might I add.

The EARLY GIRL has  a bohemian atmosphere to go along with it's gluten free and vegan options, hence it's in Asheville. Very friendly staff and they try to use mostly regional ingredients as well.

Other places that I would also recommend if you are spending a weekend in Asheville:

CURATE - a top notch and highly touted Spanish Tapas restaurant.

TUPELO HONEY CAFE - Another very popular Regionally focused restaurant. They have two locations in Asheville and are expanding regionally as well.

CORNER KITCHEN - Located in Bilmore Village. Always a 30-40 minute wait, but worth it.

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