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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blue Cheese, How About a Buffalo Milk Version

Cheese, queso, fromage or formaggio, no matter what you call it, I love it! Mrs. SNarolina Foodie and I like to buy different cheeses to snack on in the evening. Sometimes by itself, sometimes with a bottle of wine. We get most of our cheese from Whole Foods, which has the largest selection in Greenville.

What I like about Whole Foods is that they have a very knowledgable staff that will let you try just about any cheese there, to ensure that you like what you are buying. During our most recent venture for some cheese, to celebrate our anniversary, we were suggested with "Blu di Bufala Mitica", aka Blue Cheese made of Buffalo's milk.

We like Blue Cheese and this by far was some of the smoothest blue cheese that we've ever had. This wasn't your packaged crumbled blue cheese, this was excellent and with maybe a slight sweet taste to it.

If you have a Whole Foods or a local fromagerie, request for it. Chances are, they will have it. I would even suggest asking for a sample, to make sure you enjoy it, before buying it. By the way, if a place doesn't allow you to taste the cheese before buying it, leave. Thats an excellent indication if someone knows what they are talking about. As we try other cheeses, if some are amazing and really stand out, then I will post them.

Finally, I will put a plug in for the Champagne that went well with this cheese, Franck Bonville Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru, which can be found in many wine shops for around $40. Makes a great after dinner pairing with most cheeses.

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