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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Gaulart & Maliclet French Cafe on UrbanspoonI'm in Charleston at least once every two to three weeks. As mentioned recently by a national publication, Charleston has become the Paris of America with regards to it's culinary options. Speaking of Paris, I really enjoy French food and Charleston has a couple of options. My current favorite lunch spot is Gaulart et Maliclet Cafe or more commonly known as "Fast & French". It sits on Broad Street, just a few steps from King Street and caters to everyone, from Hipsters to the High Society of Charleston's SOB's.

Upon arriving into Fast and French, you are seated at one of several community tables. I particulary like this arrangement because many times you will be seated at a table with some interesting people. Once seated, one of the staff will show you the Daily Special ($8.95), which is always recommended. Usually the Daily Special consist of a soup, sandwich or stew and is usually accompanied with sliced melons, sausage or cheese, and always includes a glass of wine. I like the Daily Special because it allows me to choose something that I usually wouldn't order.

This week I enjoyed the Ratatouille over rice with a side of sausage. I usually wouldn't order this on the menu, however I went with my instincts to go with the Daily Special. Also, I ordered the Cheese Du Jour which consisted a tasting of four different cheeses (goat, blue, soft and semi hard). Another aspect of Fast & French is they have both vegetarian and vegan options. The prices here are amazingly low, for the quality and flavor of food that is served. Their menu is varied and too much for me to post. If your interested, below is a link to Fast & French's menu:

I wouldn't suggest Fast & French for large parties, say 4 or more, because seating is very limited and this place is cozy enough to enjoy alone with your new friends (read tablemates) or with a friend.

Fast & French
98 Broad Street
Charleston, SC

If you are looking for French food but in a group setting in Charleston, then I would recommend 39 Rue de Jean. Rue de Jean provides a completely different atmosphere and menu than Fast & French, but good nonetheless.

39 John Street
Charleston, SC

Any French restaurants within the Carolina's that I need to try, please share. Unfortunately Greenville, SC had two within the past 7 years, however both are long gone.

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